Emily - 2 year old, cancer survivor receiving final chemotherapy treatment

Patient needs evaluations, patient just recieved IV medication and is now covered in hives and is having trouble breathing. Patient has a history of anaphylaxis and is anaphylaxis now.

Patient weight 20 kg
Team Dynamics (Look for ...)
- Assignment of Roles and Responsibilities
- Transparent Thinking (Shared Mental Model)
- Closed Loop Communications
Simulation (Facilitator's Guide) (~8 min)
Clinical Actions/Plan (Look for ...)
- Administers Epinephrine
- Administers Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
- Administers Steroids
Stop Simulation (when one of following happens)
- team activates anaphylaxis protocol
- team starts Epinephrine, Benadryl, and Steroids
- 8 minutes have elapsed
Team (Who/How)
- What were everyone's roles and responsibilities?
- How was the leader established?
- What communication tools did your team use?
- What additional communication tools could you have used?
Clinical Debrief (What)
- What was going on with this patient, what were you treating in this case?
- What did the team do well?
- What could have been done better?
Questions to discuss at end of simulation (~5 min)
Did you have the necessary support resources?
- enough personnel with the appropriate skills?
- support services (lab, radiology, blood bank)?
Were there any issues with any given process or procedure?
Were there any medication or equipment issues?
Discuss as a Team any System's Issues (5 min)
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