About the Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH)


The mission of the Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare is to advance healthcare training through modern approaches and innovative solutions.


The Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare envisions a healthcare culture that empowers people and systems to maximize safety outcomes for patients and staff.

The organization is a not-for-profit Limited company incorporated in the United Kingdom, identification number: 9921432.


On August 4 2010, twenty-seven individuals representing sixteen regional, national and international organizations with a substantive focus on simulation in healthcare attended an international simulation leadership summit at London Deanery, UK. The meeting was intended to empower the global simulation community to act collectively as simulation continues to expand exponentially. The summit resulted in agreement by the representatives to form a Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare. Learn more about GNSH History.

GNSH is able to leverage multiple groups and sectors in ways that single organizations cannot and the GNSH Summits provide a unique opportunity for both commercial and non-commercial member organizations to discuss important areas of shared interest.

You can also view the GNSH Bylaws May 2016