GNSH History

Prior to 2010

Leadership of various simulation societies met in several informal meetings and discussed perceived benefits of collaborations between the societies.

March 2010

A core group of leadership from several societies and entities formed and agreed to take the lead in organizing an international meeting to explore international collaborations. Known societies or formal groups existing to that point were invited.

August 4-6, 2010

Twenty seven individuals representing sixteen regional, national and international organizations with a substantive focus on healthcare simulation attended a leadership summit at the London Deanery, UK. The meeting was intended to empower the global simulation community to act collectively as simulation continues to expand exponentially. During the meeting, working groups were formed around governance, communication, and organizing. The Network gets its name: A Global Simulation Network for Simulation in Healthcare with the mission statement to form “A global network of organizations, committed to enhancing patient safety and quality of healthcare by promoting the appropriate use of simulation through collaboration, advocacy and support.”

August 1-3, 2011

GNSH met again at the London Deanery. 30 people from 19 Simulation organizations attended. The main topics focused on delineating international needs relevant to GNSH. To consolidate GNSH strategic goals and and to engage all partners, GNSH produced a concordat.

July 11-13, 2012

GNSH met in Lausanne, Switzerland. The concordat was reviewed, discussed, amended and send out for signature to al major Simulation organizations. Ground rules for GNSH governance were set and major objectives identified (with timeframe and resources). GNSH members signed the concordat agreeing on following objectives: to promote the appropriate use of simulation in healthcare to improve patient care and safety, clinical service, training, research and education, that the network will act as source of expertise, that the network will act as a global resource, through shared advocacy, to support and promote the use of simulation in healthcare, terms of reference and ways of collaborative working. Download the GNSH concordat here.

July 27-29, 2013

GNSH met in Paris, France. Major focus was on education, leadership and learning from each other in the organizational context.

July 7-9,2014

GNSH met in Edinburgh, Scotland. At the 2014 Summit held in Edinburgh, there was a strong demand for development of resources and advice on how to establish value to key stakeholders, such as financial officers, educational directors, healthcare and college executives, and policy makers. The need to engage with Governments, Administrators, Managers and other key stakeholders was a major theme for the 2014 GNSH conference. The people making decisions around the development of training supported by simulated practice are often not the same as those making strategic decisions about healthcare delivery. There needs to be a wider connection between the delivery of quality care, patient safety and simulated practice and the group agreed we need a defined marketing strategy to increase awareness of the benefits of simulation to the whole healthcare community.

August 1-4 , 2015

The GNSH Executive Committee was delighted to announce the 2015 Global Summit was to be held in Stavanger, Norway. Following the 2014 Edinburgh summit, there was a strong demand for a focus on how to prove value to key stakeholders, such as financial officers, educational directors, healthcare and college executives, and policy makers. GNSH 2015 was grounded in the Utstein Style process, which is a proven method for building common understanding and consensus.  The meeting developed a platform for developing value-based simulation stories and focused on developing an understanding of the needs of key stakeholders and how the benefits of simulation based education could answer those needs. A key platform, further developed at a second meeting in December 2015, was the publication of sample personas for several key stakeholders that allow a deeper insight into what the simulation community needs to deliver to connect with them.

The 2015 GNSH meetings focused on producing outputs and resources to support members and the wider community in promoting the Value of Simulation. AIMS Using the baseline premise that simulation must address a problem or provide a needed result (value-based simulation), understand what decision-makers value (value domains) in areas could be addressed by SBE. Once the value domains have been identified, identify relevant value-based solutions and practices to answer the question key question – how can SBE provide VALUE related to these domains? To begin the development of a resources repository to support VBE approaches. These will include business case templates, case studies of successful SBE implementation and summaries from published literature demonstrating the value of SBE. Provide a framework to allow easy implementation of the identified solutions and practices outlined in Aim 1-3 to enhance the adoption of SBE. The first output was a summary White Paper of the 2015 GNSH Summit entitled “Demonstrating The Value Of Simulation Based Practice” with discussions and follow up meetings.


The 2016 meeting took place in Oxford, UK and provided an opportunity to complete the synthesis of the 2015 data into a practical resource for participating organizations to share with their members. The group used a business simulation approach based on real world scenarios to facilitate group work and discussion. The main objectives were to further develop our understanding of key stakeholder needs and to generate concrete, collaborative ideas that will move healthcare simulation, in all its forms, into the mainstream of healthcare by engaging with these stakeholders in innovative ways.