Dear GNSH Membership:

The following candidates have submitted their applications for joining the GNSH Board of Directors  (There are nine seats made up of industry/association, and moving forward, every year 3 members will rotate off and 3 new members are added.   This year Michael Seropian, Carol Durham, and Ralf Krage will be rotating off the GNSH BOD and we are seeking to fill them with 3 new leaders who are willing to think outside the box and help guide industry into shaping simulation to impact and improve healthcare globally.   

Our focus is impacting healthcare with a teaching methodology that we know engages learns … but weaving it into the culture of healthcare systems is the challenge.

For 2019, we have 5 candidates for 3 GNSH BOD positions.  Please review their CV/Bio’s and their motivation for joining the GNSH board, and choose 3.

Please note:  The order that the candidates are presented are based on the date the applications were received.  (If you are receiving this ballot, your organization is elegible the vote.  Each organization is only allowed a single vote)

Please submit all votes by April 30, 2019.

Makani Purva

Mary Anne Rizzolo

Marc Lazarovici, MD

Bryn Baxendale

Anurag Singh