GNSH 2019 Summit

August 29-31, 2019

Hilton Vienna Plaza
11 Schottenring
Wien, Wien 1010
Austria, 01 313900

additional nights contact: Katharina Klaghofer
tel: +43 (0)1 717 00 13402

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The GNSH Board of Directors invites you to register for the GNSH 2019 Summit.  GNSH, as an organization, is fulfilling its mission and is reaching directly into the clinical environment with the 30 Minute Weekly Initiative.

Coming out of our 2018 Summit, hospital leadership provided a real perspective of what executive leadership is looking for.  While clinical leadership has significant challenges with respect to funding, they also put considerable priority on clinical staff and the well-being of patients and their outcomes.  Time is precious, and funding scarce.  Solutions must be real, actionable and provide high value.

In early 2019 a working group was formed to create the first iteration of the 30-minute challenge.  The challenge is intended to be easily deployed and to allow clinical environments to use it as a diagnostic tool with the ultimate goal of quality improvement. 

This challenge has been welcomed and supported by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation (PSMF) and Boston Medical Center’s (BMC) – OK to Proceed.

The 30 Minute Weekly Initiative is slated to go live January 1, 2020.  This is about impacting healthcare globally, please join us.

The GNSH Board of Directors