GNSH 2022 Summit – Virtual

Responding to the global healthcare workforce deficit: What role can (or should) the simulation community play?

Dear Friends of GNSH:This week, after much discussion, the GNSH Board of Directors made the difficult decision to postpone the upcoming in-person annual summit in Lisbon, Portugal. This decision was made in consideration of the rising BA.4 and BA.5 variants of concern in Portugal combined with overall waning immunity across the globe.  The current reality of COVID-19, compounded by ongoing travel restrictions, human resource and financial pressures faced by healthcare organizations in most countries, also led us to this decision, after hearing from industry partners, academic and society leaders, and simulation experts across the globe.

Photo by Katya Shkiper on Unsplash

The GNSH Board of Directors will work diligently in the coming weeks to shift plans for our this in-person summit to a virtual event to be held in the fall of this year. This virtual engagement will provide our friends, stakeholders and interested partners with an overview of the current thinking around how healthcare can respond to a global workforce deficit and the role of simulation in addressing these challenges, as well as an update attendees on new organizational structures for GNSH.

The dates for this virtual event will be announced in the near future.  Should you have any questions about this decision or future summit plans, please contact Sincerely, GNSH Board of Directors

There is a healthcare workforce deficit that is evident on a global scale and which is predicted to get worse when considering the health and care needs of different populations and healthcare economies. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has amplified the visibility and potential consequences of this problem in every healthcare system.

The same circumstances have also highlighted the potential value of simulation as a strategic and operational solution to some unique workforce capability and capacity challenges.

The Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH) has identified the healthcare workforce deficit as a key strategic theme of work in which our unique relationship with leaders representing different national and international societies, healthcare system networks, and industry colleagues can be brought to focus. However, we are aware that the workforce problems faced will be contextual to different healthcare systems and economies. Hence, our first goal is to seek to understand the scale and nature of the workforce difficulties being faced in different geographies and healthcare systems before trying to develop a global strategy with relevant stakeholders.  

Hence, our forthcoming annual summer GNSH Summit will aim to initiate a discovery phase to listen, discuss and begin to formulate some specific work streams that might contribute to an overarching strategy to support healthcare workforce provision. This will span the different stages of workforce engagement from recruitment and on-boarding, enhancing the development of key role-related capabilities, addressing opportunities for reskilling and promoting adaptability in the workforce at scale, and highlighting approaches that can help build system and organisational resilience whilst supporting workforce well-being.

The intended outcome from the summer summit will be an initial strategy proposal that will help engage (or re-engage) wider stakeholders from healthcare leadership, simulation organisations, and industry colleagues who are committed to contribute their expertise, experience and energy to this theme of work.

Please do join us at the summit and be part of the inaugural group of leaders who are framing this critical strategic theme of work.