Jack — Decision Maker Reveal

In this video example, Jack (person calling) engages the decision maker in conversation. The caller quickly recognizes that the decision-maker is pre-occupied and explores it . The decision-maker reveals that there has been an increased number of deaths in the unit and that it is something that needs to be fixed. The decision-maker does not know the root cause of the problem. The savvy simulationist will seek to identify not only the problem but help to define the gap(s). In doing so (s)he can formulate a solution to address the gaps. The solution is likely multi-pronged and may have many non- simulation aspects to it .

Jack, Decision Maker — Non-Reveal

In this video example, we can hear Jack on the phone fails to pursue or explore the decision-makers issues or concerns. The decision-maker clearly hints at issues, but like many people, Jack focuses on what is important to him rather than note what is likely a priority for the descion-maker. His budget requests are likely not a priority with the non-commital messaging given by the decision-maker

How to Identify the Decision Maker

This is a youtube video that walks you through how to ID the Decision Maker