The slide presentations in this section represent different approaches to decision makers in an organization.

  • The We need a new approach presentation is sharing with other simulation advocates the need of understanding the values of the decision makers to make the case of advancing simulation
  • The Hamlin Presentation is a high-level presentation that will aid in helping financial decision makers understand how investments in quality may positively affect the healthcare organization’s margin.
  • The Quality Board Presentation is intended to introduce a quality board or Board of Directors to the potential of simulation in the area of patient safety.  This presentation is particularly appropriate for a decision-making body that does not have extensive knowledge of or experience with simulation.
  • The Selling 101 Presentation summarizes the basic steps in convincing leadership on new concepts and ideas
  • Finally, the Strategic Operation Presentation is intended to demonstrate a request for additional resources for simulation to the individuals that are responsible for making organizational financial decisions.  This presentation includes the concept of incremental cost, demonstrating what is already invested by the organization and the incremental investment that is being requested.